About us

Our Mission

Our aim is to help people make better and healthier food-related choices, providing means to unambiguously understand the quality of certain food products. We have found that people care about the quality of the food they consume, but lack good means of determining it and that is where our product might come in handy. Have you ever experienced a situation where you buy a loaf of bread just to find it mouldy upon opening it the next day? With our product, we will help you pick a healthy and fresh loaf already in the store and give you the means to gauge its freshness along the way.

Our History

We are three physicists who met in the lab of the Institute of Chemical Physics when working on our bachelor thesis. Since then we have chosen different paths in life, one of us is working on her PhD, another one has a job in IT and the third one of us is a team leader in a mathematical modelling company. We all have different skillsets, but a common goal in mind – to make the world a better place.